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Laval Geotextile Roll & Landscaping Material Supplier

Quality projects are done with quality products. Using MITO's trusted landscaping, excavation, and construction materials ensures that your projects are built with the utmost superior and long-lasting products available on the Canadian market.

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Laval Geotextile Roll & Landscaping Material Supplies

MITO Distributions is a contractor’s one stop shop when it comes to the products and supplies they need most in preparation for their busy season. We specialize in the essential materials in which all projects need; landscaping & paver accessories such as geotextile rolls, polymer sand bags, plastic paver edges, steel spike nails, paver sealer, drainage supplies, etc…

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Supplying Québec and Montreal Contractors With Landscaping Material in Demand 

Landscapers and contractors in Quebec, particularly in Montreal, thrive due to the diverse climate, cultural emphasis on outdoor living, limited urban space, and the desire to enhance property value. They prioritize quality materials and innovation to meet the demand for visually appealing and functional outdoor spaces. Specializing in maximizing small areas, incorporating new materials and technologies, and emphasizing sustainability, they create enduring landscapes that enhance property aesthetics and value while meeting the evolving needs of their clients in a competitive market, driven by their demand for top-notch materials. That’s where MITO’s diverse product line comes in.

Areas we Distribute and Deliver to

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Landscaping and Hardscaping Machinery

Our machinery line is manufactured and designed for durability, quality, reliability, and performance purposes. Each model has been field tested, and used for various types of work to maximize our customers' value, ensuring the utmost quality-satisfaction. We carry the most popular and trusted brands the industry offers. We specialize in; plate compactors, tamping rammers, paver suction lifting tools, roller plate compactors, OHV engines, concrete finishing tools, etc...

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