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5 Reasons Why Dyna OPTIMATRIX is the Best Choice for Polymeric Sand Projects

When you're working on your paving projects, choosing the right polymeric sand is crucial for both aesthetics and durability. Among the many options available, Dyna's OPTIMATRIX Polymeric Jointing Sand stands out as the top choice. In this guide, we'll explain five compelling reasons why OPTIMATRIX should be your go-to polymeric sand.

Introduction to OPTIMATRIX Polymeric Sand

Paving projects are investments that should last and improve your property's look. The materials you use play a huge role, and one of the most critical is polymeric sand. Dyna's OPTIMATRIX Polymeric Jointing Sand is a game-changer in paving materials, and here's why.

Reason 1: Quick and Easy Installation

Traditionally, installing polymeric sand was a time-consuming process, often delayed by unpredictable weather. But OPTIMATRIX changes the game with its quick-setting properties, making it ideal for polymer sand for pavers. Once you add water, it sets in minutes, even if it might rain soon.

This quick-setting feature offers a big advantage. You won't need to worry about the weather, and you can confidently proceed with your project, saving time and money with just one wetting. No more multiple applications; OPTIMATRIX simplifies the process for a sturdy finish.

Reason 2: Excellent Performance and Durability

OPTIMATRIX isn't just fast; it's built for top performance and durability, making it perfect for polymer sand for flagstone. This polymeric sand combines different sands, polymers, binders, and control agents to create a strong bond that can withstand the test of time in horizontal pavement joints.

It's resistant to erosion from various factors, including weather, maintenance, and traffic. This means your projects will stay beautiful for years, whether it's a busy commercial area or a quiet garden path. OPTIMATRIX works for both foot and vehicle traffic, making it an ideal choice for polymer sand for patio and polymer sand for driveway cracks.

Reason 3: Haze-Free and Clean Sweep Technology

Some polymeric sands can leave a haze on the pavement during installation, causing extra work to clean up. That's where OPTIMATRIX shines with its "EZ Sweep Technology."

This technology binds the polymers to the sand, resulting in a dust-free and haze-free installation, especially suitable for polymeric sand for tight joints. This saves time, with a 40% faster sweeping process, and ensures the polymers stay in the joints, not on the surface. OPTIMATRIX gives you the fastest and cleanest polymeric sand installation.

Reason 4: Adapts to All Weather Conditions

Pavement surfaces move due to weather and use. OPTIMATRIX is designed to adapt to these conditions, remaining elastic to accommodate surface movements and ensuring your projects stay intact, no matter the weather.

It's also highly resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, erosion from rain, water, wind, power washing, and traffic, making it a reliable choice for polymer sand for patios. This makes it ideal for various climates and applications, whether it's a snowy or sunny region.

Reason 5: Versatile and Stops Weeds

Not all paving projects are the same, and OPTIMATRIX knows that. It's versatile and suitable for different surfaces, including concrete pavers, natural stone, and clay pavers. You can use it for driveways, patios, pool decks, and garden areas.

Another benefit is its strong weed-inhibiting properties, reducing weed growth significantly, especially when used as polymer sand for driveway cracks. It also prevents sand washouts into pools, keeps your pool area clean, and deters ants and other insects, maintaining insect-free paved surfaces.


In summary, Dyna's OPTIMATRIX Polymeric Jointing Sand is the top choice for polymeric sands. Its quick and easy installation, exceptional performance and durability, haze-free and clean sweep technology, adaptability to all weather conditions, and versatility make it ideal for all your paving projects.

OPTIMATRIX simplifies installation, ensures a clean finish, and withstands the test of time and weather. Don't settle for less; choose Dyna's OPTIMATRIX Polymeric Jointing Sand and elevate your paving projects to a new level of quality and performance. Start today and witness the transformation!


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