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Introducing the Mickey255, your ultimate paver vacuum lifter suction tool, designed to revolutionize your landscaping projects. With a robust capacity of 255 kg, this ingenious machine is engineered to effortlessly handle and transport large and heavy paver or stone products through its cutting-edge vacuum technology. Gone are the days of strenuous manual labor, as the Mickey255's vacuum grippers swiftly and securely lift cobblestones, reducing the physical strain on your team. Powered by a standard 230 V mains connection, this versatile tool significantly enhances productivity, as two operators can easily control it by lifting the machine together using the ergonomic handles. If preferred, a single operator can handle the Mickey255 with a convenient trolley assembly. The device excels in both speed and precision, allowing for swift, injury-free assembly while meeting the EN 13155 standards for occupational safety.


Incorporating this paver vacuum tool into your landscaping machinery business ensures a seamless, concrete-free laying of elements, maintaining distinct side edges, and reducing costs and project timelines. The Mickey255's compact design enables straightforward assembly with just two individuals or a single operator with a wheelchair, ensuring efficient transport and minimal setup time. Thanks to its adjustable handles, your crew can work comfortably in an upright position, further enhancing work safety. The device's replaceable suction pads enable the handling of larger paving blocks and kerbs, making it the ideal choice for expedited, hassle-free landscaping projects. Elevate your operations with the Mickey255, where vacuum and suction technologies come together to transform your paving works and elevate your business to new heights.

MICKEY255 - Paver & Stone Vacuum Lifter Suction Tool

C$4,550.00 Regular Price
C$4,350.00Sale Price
  • Suction Pads Available Sizes (MICKEY255)

    • 13.5''x 13.5'' (176 lbs)  
    • 26'' x 12''  (320 lbs) 
    • 26'' x 20''  (560 lbs)
    • 36'' x 14'' (560 lbs) 
    • 36'' x 5.5'' (220 lbs) 
  • Specifications

    • Lifting capability: 255 kg / 652 lbs
    • Power Source: 230 V mains
    • Operation: Requires two operators for manual lifting or one operator with a trolley assembly
    • Ergonomic Design: Adjustable handles for comfortable, upright operation
    • Safety Standards: Compliant with EN 13155 standards for occupational safety
    • Compact Design: Allows for easy assembly and convenient transport
    • Operation Control: De-sucking mechanism via a button on the handle for precise placemen
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