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Compact pavers & slabs - perfectly apply polymeric sand into joints - and level any stone surface at maximal speed - All while protecting your pavers from cracks, scratches, and nicks. 


Engineered with precision and powered by a 6.5 HP engine, the SILVERBACK SPRINT-100 Paver Roller Compactor delivers unparalleled efficiency. The 21.6” x 19.6” rolling rubber cylinders not only provide superior compaction and leveling for pavers and slabs but also eliminate the need for fragile teflon rubber pad protectors.


With a controlled gas throttle, foldable and reversible handlebar, and a unique design featuring four individual lifting handles, the SILVERBACK SPRINT-100 Paver Roller Compactor ensures maximum operator control and comfort. Experience the future of compaction technology — faster, more efficient, and with uncompromising protection for your delicate surfaces.

SILVERBACK SPRINT-100 Paver Roller Compactor

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    • Engine: Loncin G200F
    • Power: 6.5 HP
    • Plate (rollers) size: 21.6” x 19.6” (55cm x 50cm)
    • Number of rollers: 4
    • Net weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
    • Vibration frequency: 5500 VPM
    • Impact force: 3,380 lbs (15 kn)
    • Work efficiency / Travel speed: Controlled by operator
    • Rolling rubber cylinders for paver / slab compaction and leveling
    • Foldable and reversible handlebar
    • Controllable gas throttle
    • Above engine protective lifting hook
    • Four individual lifting handles
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