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Introducing the SNAKE by CATCHSHIFT – your ultimate solution for easy, fast, and hassle-free paver application and replacement. This compact and lightweight device, designed for single-person operation, employs vacuum grippers to streamline installation. With its small size, easy demontage, and rapid suction capabilities, the SNAKE is essential for efficiently replacing various paving elements.

SNAKE - Paver & Stone Vacuum Lifter Suction Tool

C$2,299.00 Regular Price
C$2,184.00Sale Price
  • Specifications

    • Lifting capability: 11 kg / 24 lbs
    • Power Source: 230 V mains
    • Operation: Requires one operator for manual lifting
    • Safety Standards: Compliant with EN 13155 standards for occupational safety
    • Compact Design: Allows for easy assembly and convenient transport
    • Operation Control: De-sucking mechanism via a button on the handle for precise placemen
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