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Meet the VPR 450 Paver Roller Plate Compactor – your essential tool for delicately installing large-format slabs and pavers. Specifically designed to work polymeric sand into joints without dust, this machine ensures a secure fit, preventing shifting, cracking, or chipping. Perfect for professionals seeking precision in hardscape projects, the VPR 450 is your go-to for efficient and reliable compaction.

VPR 450 Paver Roller Compactor - Weber MT

    • Type of engine: Honda GX160
    • Plate size: 16.5" width
    • Power: 5.5HP
    • Net weight: 108 KG / 238 lbs
    • Vibration frequency: 6000 rpm
    • Impact force: 8 KN / 1,798 lbs
    • Work efficiency: *Controlled by operator
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