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Geotextile Membrane

GEOBASE, the ideal offering in general applications of membrane geotextile. Ideal for weed control, soil stabilization, erosion control, drainage, and filtration, GEOBASE excels in protective and separation mechanisms. GEOBASE combines affordability with reliable performance. Crafted from high-strength polyester short fibers, it resists acids, alkalis, and aging, ensuring longevity. Its notable tensile strength technology and soft texture distinguish it, making its constriction convenient and reliable. Choose GEOBASE for cost-effective quality, a versatile solution for a range of construction, landscaping, and excavation projects. Elevate your applications with MITO Distributions, your trusted source for geotextile excellence.

GEOBASE 4' x 50'

4' x 50' rolls

1.2m x 15.2m

GEOBASE 6' x 365'

6' x 365' rolls

1.82m x 111.25m

GEOBASE 12' x 365'

12' x 365' rolls

3.65m x 111.25m

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