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Superior Quality & Competitive Pricing: Membrane Geotextile

Geotextile membrane; a necessity material for any landscaping, interlocking, paving, or excavating project. The main purposes of this fabric being separation, drainage, filtration, reinforcement, and protection, it is safe to say that a quality type of membrane is needed for the long-term quality of any project. Look no further than GEOGUARD - A superior quality membrane which beats the market's standards while at a competitively low price.

GEOGUARD's Quality

It's important to note that not all membrane geotextiles are made the same! Geotextiles are divided by classes (weight and durability); The general consumer doing their own house work will usually visit their local hardware store for such material, they will most likely be purchasing class 2 or 3 membrane geotextile - while some contractors and other service companies will do the same. With that said, GEOGUARD is a geotextile membrane with properties which classify it as a class 5 grade fabric. GEOGUARD can be used for many different landscaping, excavating, and construction purposes while it specializes in ensuring long term build quality of a project.


Driveway and Patio

Membrane geotextile is used when constructing driveways, patios, or paved surfaces with pavers, slabs, or asphalt to act as a stabilizing and separating layer that prevents the mixing of different materials, minimizes settling, and enhances the overall durability of the paved surface. For the longevity of these constructions, a durable and quality membrane is needed to avoid the gravel from sinking into the native soil of the area which would lead to unstable surfaces.

Retaining Walls

When building retaining walls, geotextiles can be used to separate the backfill from the wall structure. This helps with soil filtration, drainage, and overall stability.

Erosion Control

In landscaping and construction projects near water bodies or on slopes, geotextiles can be used to control erosion. They are placed on the surface to prevent soil from washing away due to rain or water flow.

Drainage Systems

In drainage applications, geotextiles can be used as a filter to separate fine-grained soils from drainage materials like gravel or crushed stone. This prevents clogging of the drainage system.

Weed Growth

Helps prevent weeds and root growth when excavating earth and refilling with gravel by providing a barrier that inhibits the growth of weeds and roots through the gravel layer, preserving the integrity of the structure.

The Right Choice of Membrane Geotextile

The small investment for quality material especially geotextile rolls for any construction project will truly make the difference long term and is what can separate a company from others. GEOGUARD membrane is sold in 6’ geotextile rolls and 12’ geotextile rolls and are available in certain districts of Quebec and Montreal. While being of superior quality, GEOGUARD is offered at competitively low pricing. It’s no wonder why countless contractors and businesses have made the advantageous switch and have continued to love the product.

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Disclaimer of Non Responsibility

While MITO Distributions INC. strives for accurate information on the physical properties and performance of our Geotextile Membrane Fabric products, we assume no liability for its completeness or accuracy. As we have no control over usage methods and field conditions, we disclaim all listed usages and charecteristics, expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The end user bears sole responsibility for determining the suitability of any MITO Distributions INC. Geotextile Membrane Fabric product for their specific application, and this document should not be construed as engineering advice.


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