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Geotextile Membrane - Superior Quality

GEOGUARD, a robust non-woven geotextile membrane, is widely used in construction and landscaping. With its higher unit weight, it offers superior strength and durability for demanding projects. It excels in stabilizing, filtering, and separating materials, extending the lifespan of bases by preventing subsoil and aggregate mixing. Its added thickness provides better puncture and abrasion protection, making it ideal for erosion control and retaining walls. GEOGUARD ensures top-notch performance and durability, making it the preferred choice for strength and longevity in projects. Choose MITO Distributions as your quality membrane geotextile supplier. Learn about GEOGUARD's quality.

GEOGUARD 4' x 50'

4' x 50' rolls

1.2m x 15.2m

GEOGUARD 12' x 365'

6' x 365' rolls

1.82m x 111.25m

GEOGUARD 6' x 365'

12' x 365' rolls

3.65m x 111.25m

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