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Why GEOGUARD should be your choice of Membrane Geotextile for your projects

The importance of Membrane Geotextile

When it comes to landscaping, excavation or construction projects, the use of a geotextile membrane is an unavoidable necessity. To ensure the quality, longevity and robustness of your projects, choosing the right geotextile membrane is crucial. That's why GEOGUARD is the ideal choice for top-quality projects.


GEOGUARD represents a significant advance in the field of non-woven geotextile membranes. This high-quality fabric far exceeds existing market standards. Classified in category 5 of geotextile membranes, GEOGUARD stands out for its unique properties, guaranteeing long-term quality for a wide range of landscaping, excavation and construction projects.

Why is GEOGUARD Superior to other geotextiles on the market?

GEOGUARD's superior quality is the result of precise manufacturing and exceptional properties. Unlike lower-grade membranes, GEOGUARD's characteristics, enhanced by its thermobonding process, ensures optimum strength and durability. This guarantees enhanced protection against damage and tearing, with improved filtration and drainage capacity, preventing water accumulation and soil erosion.

How GEOGUARD's properties guarantee a better, stronger and higher quality base project

GEOGUARD's applications are diverse and include a wide range of projects. Whether for parking lots, patios, retaining walls or erosion control, the characteristics of this membrane guarantee a solid, durable base. Its ability to prevent the mixing of materials, minimize settling and boost the durability of paved surfaces ensures quality results.

Why many businesses and contractors should use GEOGUARD

GEOGUARD is a smart investment for any company or contractor. By using this membrane, they guarantee the longevity of their projects, reduce long-term maintenance costs and preserve the structural integrity of their structures. GEOGUARD rolls are also packaged in a protective plastic layer that protects them from tearing during storage or warehousing. Moreover, its competitive cost makes it attractive to many professionals looking for superior quality at an affordable price.


In conclusion, GEOGUARD stands out as the ideal solution for anyone seeking a superior quality geotextile membrane for landscaping, excavation and construction projects. With its durability, strength and performance, GEOGUARD is the right choice for high-quality, long-lasting projects. Invest in quality with GEOGUARD and ensure the success and longevity of your projects.

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Disclaimer of Non Responsibility

While MITO Distributions INC. strives for accurate information on the physical properties and performance of our Geotextile Membrane Fabric products, we assume no liability for its completeness or accuracy. As we have no control over usage methods and field conditions, we disclaim all listed usages and charecteristics, expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The end user bears sole responsibility for determining the suitability of any MITO Distributions INC. Geotextile Membrane Fabric product for their specific application, and this document should not be construed as engineering advice.


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