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All-Purpose Professional-quality Geotextile Membrane: pavers, gardens, drainage, walls, gravel, etc.

Introducing GEOBASE: An All-Purpose Professional-quality Geotextile Membrane

Why membrane geotextile is a necessity for many landscaping, excavation and construction projects.

In the vast field of landscaping, construction and excavation, non-woven geotextile membranes are an essential tool for ensuring the durability and stability of projects. Its essential role in weed prevention, soil stabilization, erosion control, drainage and filtration makes it a key element in the success of these projects. Among all the options available on the market, GEOBASE stands out as the ideal solution offered by MITO Distributions.

What is GEOBASE?

GEOBASE, the ideal offering for general geotextile membrane applications, is specially designed to excel in weed control, soil stabilization, erosion control, drainage, filtration and separation. Composed of high-strength polyester staple fibers, GEOBASE resists acids, alkalis and aging, guaranteeing exceptional durability.

Tensile strength technology and a soft texture make GEOBASE a practical and reliable choice for construction. GEOBASE is a geotextile membrane ranking higher than a class or type 3 membrane and slightly lower than a class/type 5 geotextile membrane. Whether for landscaping, excavation or construction projects, GEOBASE is a universal solution, offering optimum quality at an affordable price. Get a price now for GEOBASE and other geotextile membranes by clicking here.

The three main features of GEOBASE: separation, filtration, drainage

GEOBASE excels thanks to its three key features: separation, filtration and drainage. As a professional-grade geotextile membrane, it ensures effective separation of materials, preventing undesirable mixing of soil layers. Filtration guarantees optimum particle control, ensuring a solid, durable base. What's more, GEOBASE's drainage capacity helps maintain soil stability by efficiently evacuating excess water.

GEOBASE is a professional-quality product that can be used for a wide range of projects.

GEOBASE's versatility makes it the ideal choice for a variety of projects. Whether you're working on a paver or asphalt parking lot, gardens, walls, gravel separation projects or other applications, GEOBASE delivers consistent performance. Its professional quality translates into exceptional resistance to acids and alkalis, making it a reliable ally in all construction environments.

Why many entrepreneurs and companies already trust and use GEOBASE

Many contractors and companies have already put their trust in GEOBASE for their projects. Its combination of exceptional quality, versatility and affordability make it the preferred choice in the industry. Resistance to harsh environmental conditions and long-term durability have convinced professionals to choose GEOBASE as their geotextile membrane of choice.

Another reason for its popularity on the market is its price. Suitable for a variety of projects, GEOBASE is the preferred choice of many contractors because of its versatility and affordability. Every year, more and more contractors place their trust exclusively in GEOBASE. Our collaboration with these professionals continues to grow.

Whether you're a landscaper building a paver patio, cultivating a garden or laying an asphalt driveway, GEOBASE is always the reliable material that makes these projects a success. Get a price now for GEOBASE and other geotextile membranes by clicking here.


In conclusion, when the success of your landscaping, excavation or construction projects is at stake, the GEOBASE geotextile membrane from MITO Distributions is the optimum solution. Its separation, filtration and drainage characteristics, combined with its professional quality, make it an unrivaled choice on the market. Trust GEOBASE to improve the stability and durability of your projects, and choose MITO Distributions as your trusted partner for geotextile excellence.

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Disclaimer of Non Responsibility

While MITO Distributions INC. strives for accurate information on the physical properties and performance of our Geotextile Membrane Fabric products, we assume no liability for its completeness or accuracy. As we have no control over usage methods and field conditions, we disclaim all listed usages and charecteristics, expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The end user bears sole responsibility for determining the suitability of any MITO Distributions INC. Geotextile Membrane Fabric product for their specific application, and this document should not be construed as engineering advice.


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